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About Gringa Dinga — The Inspiration

The Real Gringa Dinga

"She's a cartoon — a never-ending source of laughter."

Nanette Malher is the cartoonist and creator of www.GringaDinga.com. The real Gringa Dinga (aka Scruffy Monster) is a wire-haired terrier who was found running up the middle of a busy street in Nashville, TN. The dog's owners could not be located. Within the first few days in her new home, it was apparent that Gringa Dinga had a very strong personality and liked to have things done her way.

"She wants to rule the roost," Nanette says. "She's a cartoon — a never-ending source of laughter, even though she can be a lesson in patience.

"You can't watch a dog within a daily routine and not realize that each one of these precious little creatures has feelings. Dogs experience happiness, sadness, anxiousness, excitement, loneliness and even disappointment. All they want is to be loved.

"My hope is that GringaDinga.com will bring some needed love and laughter into the world for both humans and dogs."