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Gringa Dinga FAQs — Funny Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Gringa Dinga is such a "complicated canine" that she thought we should answer some questions people frequently ask about her. The list will probably grow.

Q: Why does Gringa Dinga wear a sombrero?
A: Why does Gringa Dinga do anything? We have no idea. She thinks she looks cool. We think she does, too.

Q: Where does Gringa Dinga live?
A: Nashville, TN

Q: Who is Gringa Dinga's favorite friend?
A: Gringa Dinga is very particular about friends. She prefers to be in the company of humans . . . at eye level. Most any human will do.

Q: Does Gringa Dinga speak Spanish?
A: Gringa Dinga speaks every language in the world — she's a dog.

Q: What is an example of something Gringa Dinga does that's not so cool?
A: She likes to find and eat rabbit droppings in her yard. (We know; it's disgusting.)

Q: What's Gringa Dinga's favorite treat-treat.
A: Even though it's not good for her, she really likes to eat peanut butter cookies and has been known to grab them right out of human hands.

Q: What is Gringa Dinga's favorite trick?
A: If you tell her, "Show me your belly!" she likes to roll over so you'll kiss her very soft belly.

Gringa Dinga Sleepa Q: What is Gringa Dinga's claim to fame?
A: She has the softest doggie belly in the world!

Q: What is something that Gringa Dinga really dislikes?
A: Snow.

Q: What is Gringa Dinga's favorite word?

Q: What is Gringa Dinga's favorite sentence?
A: "Wanna go for a ride?"