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The Gringa Dinga Mantra: "Live to Love!   ~   Vivir para Amar!"

Gringa Dinga says HAVE SOME FUN! Gringa Dinga was created to celebrate the fun side of the loving relationship between humans and dogs! Poke around and find out all the interesting things Gringa Dinga is doing. Join the fun at the official Gringa Dinga "Blah-Blah" Blog.

Spotlight Product: A clean dog is a happy dog! Choose from two of our all-natural Gringa Dinga Cleana doggie soaps: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey or Citrus Splash. Read the latest unsolicited testimonial below.

"We just did our first baths with Gringa Dinga tonight. Sweet "Georgia" Brown's first bath ever! She and Rico both smell fabulous! Which is great since they both sleep in the bed with me. They are both running around each other sniffing, so they obviously like the smell also. Can I bathe in this stuff? (Yes, Deb, you can!) It does smell wonderful. I will certainly tell my friends about it. A few months ago, I gave Rico a bath with some generic doggie shampoo and the poor kid broke out in welts. Not so with your all-natural doggie soap. This stuff rocks!"

-- Deb B., Nashville, TN

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