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About Gringa Dinga Artists Who Make Our Special Products

Collectible Artist Alex Cappannari
Gringa Dinga Collectible Artist Alex Cappannari GringaDinga.com commissions artist Alex Cappannari to create collectibles based on Nanette Malher's Gringa Dinga cartoon series. Alex uses oven-bake clay and acrylic paint to create each and every Gringa Dinga collectible by hand; no two Gringa Dingas are exactly alike. Every collectible is numbered and comes with a laminated card to show proof of authenticity.

Alex Cappannari is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and holds a bachelor degree in liberal arts from Middle Tennessee State University. Her jewelry has been featured in several magazines including the Nashville Scene and Country Living. Her signature sculptures — miniature animals of all kinds — are available at Nature's Art located within The Factory in Franklin, TN. She also creates and sells amigurumi (crocheted animals). When she is not creating art, Alex enjoys playing violin with Nashville musical groups Umbra A'Shadi and Whiskey Whiskey.

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Soap Designer Allison Malher-Gjerde
Gringa Dinga Soap Designer Allison Malher-Gjerde "Gringa Dinga Cleana" doggie soap is made by Allison Malher-Gjerde, owner of Prairie Moon Cabin Creations in Braceville, Illinois. The bone-shaped soap is made with all natural ingredients and comes in two scents: Oatmeal Milk & Honey (beige) and Citrus Splash (brown).

Allison Malher-Gjerde is native of Illinois where she makes homemade, natural soaps and lotions blended with pure oils, vegetable-based glycerin and goat milk. After running a successful bait shop for several years, Allison decided to "clean up her act" and shift from selling worms to making and selling soap. Although she produces more traditional scents like Green Tea and Cucumber, Lavender, Lilac, etc., she has stepped out of the soap box with a line of novelty items that customers love and use.

Allison's sense of humor is prominent in everything she does. Her "Dirt" soap smells like dirt. A special line for fishermen called "Someth'n Smells" has a licorice scent, which helps remove fishy smells. Her baby soap called "Clean Between the Quacks" smells like baby powder and features ducks on the label. She also has "nerd soap" called "Bad Boy" (oakmoss and sandalwood) and "Dirty Girl" (sandalwood, rose and jasmine).

It's only fitting that Allison create our all-natural, bone-shaped soap we call "Gringa Dinga Cleana." Her creations (for humans) are available at these specialty shops:

— Vintage - Morris, Illinois
— Trinity Knot - Wilmington, Illinois.
— Over the Moon - Ocracoke, North Carolina

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